Wonderflush Urinal Tabs

$106.50 ($96.82 ex-GST)

Wonderflush toilet & urinal blocks are peroxide-based tabs that use the power of oxygen to clean, eliminate odours and kill germs throughout the day. These eco-friendly blocks are fully biodegradable. They activate (producing active oxygen) when water is released into the trough, sterilising the surfaces and eliminating harmful bacteria that cause unpleasant odours while releasing a pleasant, natural fragrance.

Wonderflush blocks also work down into the pipes, dissolving built-up uric acid crystals,  ensuring pipes remain clear and odour-free. Wonderflush blocks are water efficient as they require 50% less water than conventional blocks to activate.


  • Heavy-duty oxy-action cleans, eliminates persistent odours and sanitises
  • Earth safe solution to urinal and toilet cleaning
  • Pleasant in use for customers and staff – unlike traditional strong-smelling urinal blocks, which attempt to mask the odour of urine
  • Environmentally responsible, requiring 50% less water than traditional blocks, these biodegrade to just water and oxygen
  • Suitable for cisterns
  • Work throughout the system, including into pipework
  • Continuous action throughout the day

How to use:

Place single blocks randomly in urinal trough.