Mountain AIR Fresheners

A range of high performance anti-bacterial air fresheners and odour blockers, with lasting odour control and disinfecting properties and a wide choice of fragrances, including natural Australian natives.

Mountain AIR fresheners are specially formulated using quaternary ammonium compound (Benzalkonium Chloride, also known as “Quat”), a food-safe, user safe and environmentally responsible biocide that kills odours at source.

Suitable for the heavy duty requirements of the commercial sector and institutions for amenities & washrooms, motel and hotel rooms, bar areas, public facilities and reception areas, and garbage disposal areas in many  sectors including:

  • Hospitality
  • Accommodation & leisure
  • Retail
  • Aged & child care

Mountain AIR products

  • Disinfect as they eliminate odours
  • Provide a lingering fragrance
  • Have neutral pH in the range 6-8-7.5

Available in 5L and 20L

Available in a large range of perfumes

Our AUSTRALIAN NATIVE RANGE utilises premium quality, pure native oils

  • LEMON MYRTLE: green and scented with local Northern Rivers lemon myrtle oil
  • EUCALYPTUS: green and scented with Victorian Blue Mallee eucalyptus oil

Also available

  • LEMONFRESH: sharp and tangy lemon perfume
  • CRISP APPLE: fresh green apple fragrance
  • COCONUT: fresh coconut fragrance
  • ODOUR BLOCK: floral perfume for masking strong or pungent residual smells

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T: 02 6622 8733
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