Pink Liquid Hand Soap

$34.00 ($30.91 ex-GST)

There’s a Mountain hand cleanser for every requirement in the commercial sector and in care facilities, where good hygiene and sanitation are paramount. Clean away a wide spectrum of commercial and industrial soils and germs. Our range caters for all washroom and food handling requirements and speciality applications. Our hand soaps are pH 5.5-6.5, for perfect skin compatibility.

Mountain’s Pink Hand Soap is a creamy, pink hand-washing liquid with a fresh, floral fragrance. Suitable for general hand washing, including washroom use. Can be dispensed through wall dispensers.


  • Ideal viscosity for wall dispensers – can also be hand-pumped
  • Suitable for cleansing hands of all general soils
  • pH 5.5-6.0 for perfect skin compatibility
  • Fresh, floral fragrance, and coconut extract for softer skin

How to use:

Pink Liquid Hand Soap is suitable for all refillable dispensers. Dispense a small amount into wet hands, rub to wash and rinse with water.

Also available for hand washing and sanitising:

  • Liquid Sanitising Hand Soap – Food Prep: Especially suitable for food preparation and serving areas. A colour-free, un-fragranced liquid hand soap, boosted with a food-safe antibacterial agent for extra germ-killing power. Hypoallergenic formula.
  • Lemon Myrtle Hand Soap: Colour free, fragranced with pure, native lemon myrtle oil that smells beautiful, and boosted with a food-safe antibacterial agent for extra germ killing power. Sulphate free, so suitable for sulphate-sensitive skin.
  • Hygiene Hand Soap: General use blue liquid hand soap, with a floral fragrance and coconut extract.
  • Apple Industrial Hand Cleanser with Beads: An industrial strength, triple action hand cleaner formulated to remove stubborn dirt, grease, and grime from working hands with ease. Tiny glass beads (not plastic) provide added mechanical action that help remove any ingrained dirt.
  • Waterless Hand Sanitiser: Food-prep grade hand sanitiser containing 70% v/v plant-derived ethanol, cleanses hands and kills 99.9% of germs.