PureClean® Commercial Laundry Liquid


PureClean® Commercial Laundry Liquid is a commercial-strength, all-purpose laundry liquid for all general wash loads. It cleans a wide range of soil types. PureClean Commercial is part of Mountain’s commercial laundry range that caters for a wide spectrum of commercial, institutional and industrial soils.  Recommended to be used on its own for light to medium soils, and in conjunction with Breakwash alkaline laundry booster for heavy soiling.  pH is > 12.0

PureClean is a registered trademark of Mountain Cleaning Products.


  • Incorporates biodegradable surfactants and optical brighteners to achieve a clean and bright result
  • Has a low foaming formula, suitable for front and top loader commercial machines
  • PureClean Commercial suits on-premises laundries in hotels, motels, care facilities, salons and spas, and commercial laundries with automatic or manual dispensing systems.

Use in combination with the following, as suits your facilities and requirements:

  • Breakwash
  • Power Peroxide
  • Sour Liquid

How to use:

Use in the main wash cycle of wash programme using manual measurement or through an automatic dispensing machine. The dose will vary depending on degree of soiling, loading factors, dip levels, type and size of machine and wash temperatures. Excellent results will be achieved in soft or hard water.

For 22kg dry capacity machine Light soiling 75-100ml
Medium soiling 100-125ml
Heavy soiling 125-175ml
Extra heavy soiling 175-200ml