PureClean® Wonderwash O2 Laundry Powder


The PureClean® range of concentrated laundry powders are all phosphate-free and contain no fillers, no artificial colours and no synthetic perfumes. They are specially formulated with only the essential and highest quality ingredients, to maximize performance and minimize the impact on our environment. PureClean Powders are suitable for all commercial and institutional washloads.

PureClean Wonderwash O2 Laundry Powder is our highest-performing powder, boosted with a full dose of oxy-action, in-wash stain remover & sanitiser. Ideal for institutional washloads where germ-killing is paramount, and for general heavy-duty washloads.


  • 100% washing power. No filler, so use 66% LESS powder than the leading Australian brand of washing powder for every wash
  • Highly cost-effective, wash for wash
  • Filler-free also means no irritating, scratchy residues left in fabrics
  • Suitable for allergy and eczema sufferers, and for those with sensitive or delicate skin
  • Our low suds formula suits both top and front-loading machines
  • Works well for cold and hot water washes
  • Eucalyptus and Wonderwash powders have supercharged performance at 50degC and above.

How to use:

Commercial Machines: Dose as per machine manufacturer’s instructions. Approximately 1 scoop per 8kg wash load.

For Domestic Machines:

  Number of Scoops
Front Loader Top Loader
Light Wash 0.5 0.75
Normal Wash 0.75 1.0
Heavy wash 1.0 1.25

Stubborn stains: Pre-soak clothes in a solution of 0.5 cup powder in 10 litres of hot water, then pour into the machine and wash as usual.

Note: The quantity required will vary depending on the nature and degree of soiling, as well as the wash temperature. Avoid tipping powder onto dampened clothes – sprinkle directly into the wash water. Better results are always obtained with warm/hot water.

Also available:

  • PureClean Eucalyptus O2 Laundry Powder is scented with pure Australian eucalyptus oil and is boosted with a half-dose of oxy-action, in-wash stain remover & sanitiser. Ideal for a heavier-duty wash.
  • PureClean Citrus Laundry Powder is performance-boosted with grease-cutting citrus oil and has a light natural citrus scent.