Mountain Lemon Magic Detergent


Mountain Magic Detergents are specifically designed for hand dishwashing in the fast-paced hospitality environment; as well as in institutions and the leisure stay sector. They are efficient, economical, and come in a range of solid concentrations to cover every need. All Magics are pH neutral to avoid irritation to the skin.

Mountain Lemon Magic is Mountain’s top-performing detergent that will cut through the toughest grease and baked-on grime. A little goes a long way. It has a subtle lavender fragrance and has added glycerin to keep hands soft. Effective in hard water and free rinsing.

Also available:

  • GREEN MAGIC: A concentrated, mid-range, all-purpose detergent. It has a mint fragrance and is especially suitable for high-traffic kitchens.
  • GOLD MAGIC: Our economy detergent. Perfume-free and perfect for the more cost-conscious user who still wants a detergent with a grunt.


Highly concentrated detergent, so a little goes a long way

Excellent performance against the heaviest grease and food grime

Ideal too for cleaning down prep surfaces and other general cleaning

Gentle on the skin, with added glycerin to keep hands soft

How to use:

Dishwashing: Use 5-10 ml product to 5 litres of clean water.

General Cleaning (benchtops, floors etc): Use 30ml product to 5 litres of clean water.