Crystal Dishwasher Powder


Crystal Dishwasher Powder is an advanced high performance, economical and septic-safe dishwasher powder designed to give optimum results in commercial and domestic dishwashing machines. Crystal Dishwasher Powder is specially formulated to clean, sanitise and remove grease from the dirtiest loads, leaving ware spotless and hygienic.

For routine maintenance, to keep your dishwasher clean and operating effectively also use:

  • Crystal Descale Powder


  • Specially formulated for high-use commercial machines in hotels, pubs and restaurants
  • Equally suitable for domestic machines in commercial settings
  • Built-in rinse aid and integrated sanitiser for ease of use and great results
  • Economical cleaning solution
  • Streak-free, gleaming results on glass and dishware
  • Contains rust inhibitor to protect cutlery

How to use:

Remove excess scraps of food. Load pots and plates facing the water jets. Fill the detergent dispenser as required by the dishwasher manufacturer’s instructions. Use more product for heavily soiled items or in very hard water areas. Replace the lid on container immediately after use, to keep product dry.

As a Manual Soaker: For greasy pots and pans, cutting boards, tannin-stained cups.  Add 1/4 to 1/2 cup to a sink full of hot water and allow items to soak. Wear gloves to handle. Rinse items off with hot water, before allowing to dry.