Kombi Oven Kleen

$45.35 ($41.23 ex-GST)

Kombi Kleen is a heavy-duty alkaline combination oven cleaner. It’s specially formulated with a blend of surfactants to remove oven grease and food grime from combination ovens. Kombi Kleen and Kombi Rinse are cost-effective and high-performance alternatives to combi oven manufacturers’ own chemical cleaners.

Use with Kombi Rinse for an overall clean finish.


  • Works hard to cut through grease and grime
  • Is low fuming, so is more pleasant to work with than many other brands of oven cleaner that emit heavy caustic fumes
  • Restores treated surfaces to like new
  • Can be applied either through the dispensing systems of the newer and deluxe model ovens or manually

How to use:

Dose through a combination oven dispensing unit or apply using a brush or spray. Leave to soak in and agitate if required, before wiping away residue and rinsing.

Caution: Spray away from the face. Do not breathe in the spray because of its high pH.