Crystal Dishwasher Liquid


Crystal Dishwasher Liquid is a high-performance concentrated dishwasher liquid for high-use automatic commercial machines with dispenser systems. We recommend Crystal Dishwasher Liquid in combination with Crystal Rinse Aid, to optimize the effectiveness of the dishwasher cycle.

20 litre size available in-store and via distributors only.


For routine maintenance, to keep your dishwasher clean and operating effectively, also use:

  • Crystal Descale Powder


  • Specially formulated to clean, sanitise and remove grease from the dirtiest loads, leaving ware spotless and hygienic
  • Has an added water softener for effectiveness in hard-water areas
  • pH > 13.0

How to use:

Use 1ml of product per 1 litre of water, via the dispenser. Use as per the machine manufacturer’s instructions.