PureClean® Eucalyptus Laundry Pre-Spray

$30.35 ($27.59 ex-GST)

PureClean® Eucalyptus Laundry Pre-Spray is a heavy-duty laundry pre-wash stain spray, formulated with a combination of surfactants, solvents, citrus and native Australian Eucalyptus oil that gets to work tackling stains before the wash cycle.

Spray-on pre-wash stain removal tackles the heaviest stains caused by sweat, grass, faeces, blood, urine, oils, inks and general grime.

Comes as a concentrate and can be diluted for light and medium-duty stain removal.

PureClean is a registered trademark of Mountain Cleaning Products.


  • Tackles a large variety of stains from oil, ink, sweat, urine, blood, faeces, grass and general grime
  • Scented with pure Australian Essential oil
  • Cost effective

How to use:

Spray PureClean Pre-Spray onto stains and soiled areas on clothes and fabrics before washing as normal.

Heavy Duty: Use product neat.

Medium Duty: 500ml product to 1 litre of water.

Light Duty: 100ml product to 1 litre of water.