Chlorfoam® is a heavy-duty chlorinated sanitising cleaner with a double-action formula that breaks down dirt, fat, grime and proteins and kills bacteria and mould. Ideal for food preparation areas, food processing and transport, and cold room use. Excellent for indoor and outdoor mould control.

20 litre size available in-store or via distributors only.

Chlorfoam is a registered trademark of Mountain Cleaning Products.


  • Approved food grade, for use in all food-related premises including meat and fish businesses.
  • Heavy duty formula combines a powerful cleaning agent with a proven sanitising product.
  • Suitable for all intact hard surfaces including floors, walls, ceilings, outdoors & benches.
  • Removes mildew from concrete, paths, eaves, awnings and other outdoor features.
  • Biodegradable and phosphate-free.
  • pH 13.5 tackles.

How to use:

Always use potable water. Never spray or use above the head.

Discard made-up solutions after one week.

Application Method Dilution MLS/litre
Cold storage, cellars & food transport Squirt/foam, scrub & rinse 50
Food processing including fish & meat works (abattoirs and butchers) Squirt/foam, scrub & rinse 50
Kitchens & food serveries Squirt, wipe & rinse 10
Amenities & bathrooms – shower recesses, walls, floors Bucket & scourer/squirt, scour & rinse 50
Amenities & bathrooms – toilet bowls and urinals Squirt & brush 50
Paths and driveways Either (i) squirt, leave for 5 mins & pressure clean off or (ii) apply with a broom, agitate & rinse 20