All Clear Beer & Wine Glass Cleaner

$71.45 ($64.95 ex-GST)

All Clear Beer & Wine Glass Cleaner is a versatile bar glass cleaner. Use in glass washing machines, as well as the manual washing of beer and other bar glasses. A sophisticated combination of surfactants cleans glasses thoroughly to a super clear finish without affecting the taste of the beverage.


  • Easily cleans away grime and grease-based soils, including lipsticks
  • Non-caustic formula protects as it cleans
  • Chlorine and caustic free
  • Removes scale and cloudiness to leave glassware shiny and clear
  • Does not affect the taste of beverages
  • Leaves glasses ready for immediate use

How to use:

Soak to remove stains and deposits: Dilute 250ml product to 5 litres water. Soak glasses for 45 minutes. After draining, glasses should be machine or hand-washed.

Automatic glass washing machine: Follow machine manufacturers’ recommendations. If automatic dispensing equipment is used, a technical representative may need to calibrate the dose rates.

Manual washing (with gloves): Dilute 100ml to 10 litres of water.