Chlorfoam Foaming Chlorinated Cleaner

Hi Clare, Chlorfoam!  Product worked great on my garden paths – didn’t have to gurney at all. Put in on my paths, left it on for 10 mins, stiff brush to agitate then hosed off. They look great again. Saved my back! Regards David Mcbride
Testimonial 1 Before


Testimonial 1 After


Drydock – Fibreglass Hull Cleaner

Ahoy there,thanks for the opportunity to try your DRY DOCK Fibreglass Hull Cleaner. What a great product. The scuff marks, rust stains and oil stains on the deck of my Holland 25 yacht had been impossible to move with boat wash BUT the DRY DOCK product got rid of it with one application.

Then I applied it to some stainless steel deck fittings that had the beginnings of rust stains. Same result as the old marks & stains on the fibre glass deck. After washing off with plenty of fresh water I then inspected the areas treated with a magnifier to see if pitting or corrosion had occurred. It all looked really good, so I am happy to recommend this product to other boat owners.

Next I’m going to try the product on some really bad rust stains on the rudder pintles & gudgeons of my friends 50 year old old cruiser. It may need a few applications. I’ll let you know the result – Regards from Pete aka Captain Tricko the market busker.

Mountain Lemon Myrtle Pet Shampoo

My golden retrievers have never been so clean looking, and their coats feel and look beautiful. This is the best shampoo I ever used and I’ve tried plenty! And it’s great for their sensitive skins – Susan – Kiama, NSW

I was using the Lemon Myrtle Shampoo at home on my dog prior to starting my Organic Pet treat and accessory business, Scratch and Sniff.

I have been so impressed with the product and with the softness and shine to the coat that I now sell it at the local markets alongside my pet products and have had a lot of interest and success with customers buying it.

I love the fact that it is more natural and is made locally which fits in with what my own business idea is about” –  Karen from Scratch and Sniff, Alstonvale, NSW

PureClean Wonderwash Laundry Powder

Thank you …. I really love that laundry powder, I hardly need to use any of it – Kyla, horsewoman, property owner, mum of 3, Fernleigh, NSW.

PureClean Lemon Myrtle Washing Powder and Lemon Myrtle Bodywash

I have 3 kids and one has severe eczema. My husband has asthma. My usual laundry powder is your Mountain PureClean Eucalyptus, which I’ve been using for years.

We loved the new lemon myrtle bodywash and the laundry powder. I used the bodywash myself and like it very much. With the kids I only need to use a tiny amount. My little girl’s skin has not been affected by either the laundry or bodywash. So good news. I will buy again, thank you – L, Bangalow, NSW.

Crystal Dishwasher Powder

Hello Clare, just wanted to let you know that we’re thrilled with the performance of the dishwasher powder. It has been fantastic and we can get away with using about half what we were previously using. Thanks for a great product and great service – Regards, Ron P – Sydney