Tydie Descaler & Rust Remover

$121.10 ($110.09 ex-GST)

Tydie contains a unique combination of acids and surfactants for the remediation of amenities and pool tiles. It removes hardened calcium and scale, rust staining and soap scum from stainless steel and ceramic surfaces.


  • Easily cleans up neglected urinals and toilets by removing stubborn deposits
  • Routine monthly use will prevent further problems and reduce the maintenance requirement
  • Is suitable for stainless steel and ceramic
  • Can also be used for remediation of swimming pool tiles

How to use:

To Remove Hardened Calcium & Scale: To remove from ceramic and stainless steel surfaces, apply undiluted and scour. Rinse away with water.

Shower recess: Dilute 50ml per litre of water.  Squirt onto the surface and scrub with a light scourer. Rinse away with water.

IMPORTANT: Do not leave on stainless steel or other metal surfaces. Rinse immediately with water after cleaning, to prevent discolouration.

CAUTION: Do not spray.