Kombi Oven Rinse

$52.27 ($47.52 ex-GST)

Kombi Rinse is an acid-based post-clean rinse . Use after cleaning with Kombi Kleen. to adjust pH back to normal. Kombi Kleen and Kombi Rinse are cost-effective and high-performance alternatives to combi oven manufacturers’ own chemical cleaners.

Use with Kombi Kleen for an overall clean finish.


  • Acid-based post-clean rinse for use in combination ovens, to pH adjust.
  • High performing
  • Cost-effective

How to use:

For Combination Ovens with Built-in Dispensing Units: Use product neat through combination oven dispensing unit as per oven manufacturer’s instructions.

For Combination Ovens without Dispensing Units: Use product neat. After cleaning, spray Kombi Rinse over surface of oven using an extension spray nozzle. Rinse off with plenty of clean water.