Crystal Clear Window Cleaner


Crystal Clear window cleaner delivers a guaranteed streak-free, sparkling finish to all types of glass, including coated glass and mirrors, and other shiny surfaces.

Crystal Clear Window’s combination of powerful cleaning agents ensures quick and easy cleaning, including the removal of greasy fingerprints and a fast-drying action. The result…the ultimate crystal-clear finish to mirrors, windows, glass surfaces, computer screens and even windscreens.


  • Excellent on all glass surfaces
  • Streak-free finish
  • Ready to use, or dilute if preferred, minimising preparation time
  • Ammonia free – worker-friendly
  • pH 6.8–7.5

How to use:

Heavy soiling: Use neat.

Normal soiling: Dilute with clean water at a rate of 1:1.

Spray product sparingly onto the glass surface, ensuring even coverage. Leave a few seconds to penetrate grease/dirt, and wipe clean with a clean, barely dampened lint-free cloth.