Certify is a super heavy-duty cleaner degreaser. Its penetrating, emulsifying formula provides cuts through heavy grease deposits, resulting in a superior clean. Certify has a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Use in commercial kitchens and food courts, on benchtops and floors; on driveways, in parking areas, engineering shops and garages.

20 litre size available in-store or via distributors only.


  • Suitable for commercial kitchens – cleaning splashbacks, surfaces and floors
  • Cleans and degreases food court floors
  • Suitable also for outdoor, workshop and industrial applications
  • Cleans grease and oil spills on concrete paths, workshop floors, apron areas, petrol station forecourts and car parks
  • Has a non-fuming citrus formula making it pleasant, safe and easy to use indoors
  • Potassium hydroxide based and free-rinsing, so leaves surfaces clean and streak-free

How to use:

Squirt & rinse, or pour, agitate then rinse away.

Caution: Do not spray or mist.

General use: Use 50mls per litre of water. Squirt and rinse.

Oil spills and grease on concrete:  Pour on neat, agitate with a stiff brush and allow to penetrate for 5 to 10 minutes, then hose clean.