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  • New Product – Flash Toilet Cleaner

    Flash Toilet Cleaner **** NEW PRODUCT **** FLASH is a thickened acid-based toilet cleaner specially developed for maintaining clean and fresh smelling toilet bowls. Used neat, its combination of surfactants, phosphoric acid and quaternary ammonium compound (“quat”) removes stains and limescale; dissolves uric acid build-up, killing odours and sanitises all in one. FLASH is blue […]


  • New Product – Total Original

    Total Original **** NEW PRODUCT **** Total Original is a fresher fragranced version of Total, an organic acid-based total washroom and bathroom cleaner. Total Original has a light, fresh citrus fragrance and leaves bathrooms throughly clean and sanitised, killing mould and removing limescale. Find out more about Total Original here.


  • New Product – HypoClean

    HypoClean **** NEW PRODUCT **** HypoClean is a non-caustic, chlorine-based cleaner suitable for removing grime from outdoor surfaces. Its combination of surfactants and chlorine delivers chemical cleaning power and mould killing capability that makes it perfect for cleaning large structures, especially areas that are difficult to access, without the need for manual scrubbing, brushing or […]


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