Graffiti Remover

Graffiti Remover

Graffiti Remover is a fast acting, caustic-based blend of sodium hydroxide and surfactants in a solvent base. Graffiti Remover’s special formula penetrates spray paint and other graffiti materials, enabling easy rinse-away.


De-Tar Tar & Gum Remover

De-Tar is a natural, highly penetrating citrus-based tar dissolver and gum remover, with a quick rinse additive. For removing sticky substances including tar, gum and sticky labels from hard surfaces, including paintwork.

Tar Remover

Tar Remover – Petroleum-Based

Removes tar and sticky substances. Available in 5L and 20L.

Super Sheen

Super Sheen

Super Sheen is a premium silicone based treatment that adds a very long-lasting shine to tyres, making them look like new. Also great for black exterior trim including wiper mounts, bumpers and rubber door and windows surrounds. Available in 1L and 4L.  

Metal Sheen

Metal Sheen

Metal Sheen is a premium silicone based treatment that cleans and brings out the shine in metal. Used for many applications where appearance is important.

Crystal Clear Window

Crystal Clear Window Cleaner

Crystal Clear delivers a guaranteed streak-free, sparkling finish to all types of glass, including coated glass and mirrors, and other shiny surfaces.

Citrus Carpet Cleaner

Citrus Carpet Extraction Liquid

Citrus Carpet Extraction Liquid is a citrus based, commercial grade carpet cleaner with low foam, suitable for all carpet cleaning via extraction, and for spot cleaning. Citrus Carpet Extraction Liquid combines a complex blend of surfactants to leave carpets clean, bright and fresh smelling:

Mountain Air

Mountain AIR Fresheners

Mountain AIR Fresheners is a range of high performance anti-bacterial air fresheners and odour blockers, with lasting odour control and disinfecting properties and a wide choice of fragrances, including natural Australian natives.


DeodorClean Cleaner Deodorisers

DeodorClean heavy-duty deodorising cleaners provide a 4-in-1 cleaning solution for hard surface cleaning, where odour control is paramount. In just one application, DeodorClean cleans, eliminates odours, sanitises and disinfects. DeodorClean is versatile and can be used as a long-lasting air freshener too.

Lemon Myrtle Animal Shampoo

Lemon Myrtle Animal Shampoo

Lemon Myrtle Animal Shampoo is a gentle shampoo fragranced with pure, local lemon myrtle oil, that leaves your pet’s coat super clean, fresh and glossy. Lemon Myrtle Animal Shampoo Is for all animals and pets, including dogs, horses, cows and chickens and is suitable for animals with sensitive skin.

Royal Blue Ribbon Animal Shampoo

Royal Blue Ribbon Animal Shampoo

Royal Blue Ribbon is a neutral pH, concentrated, emollient based animal shampoo with native Australian tea tree oil. Suitable for dogs, horses, cows and chickens. Used regularly by Makybe Diva, we’ve been told!

Glycol Single-Part Beerline Cleaner

Glycol Single-Part Beerline Cleaner

Glycol Beerline Cleaner is a simple weekly cleaning and sanitising system for beerlines. Use when a single part system is preferred, such as in areas where beerstone build up is light, and in colder regions. Ensures untainted, fresh tasting beer.


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