Crystal Dishwasher Liquid

Crystal Dishwasher Liquid is a high performance and economical dishwasher liquid for high-use automatic commercial machines with dispenser systems.

Crystal Dishwasher Liquid:

  • Has been specially formulated to clean, sanitise and remove grease from the dirtiest dishes, leaving them spotless and hygienic
  • Has an added water softener so it can be used in hard-water areas
  • pH > 13.0

Available in 5L and 20L.

We recommend Crystal Dishwasher Liquid is combined with Crystal Rinse Aid to optimize the effectiveness of the dishwash cycle. Rinse Aid pH is 6.8 – 7.5.

For routine maintenance, to keep your dishwasher clean and operating effectively, try:

  • Crystal Descale Powder
  • Crystal Descale Liquid

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