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Sanispray® Spray & Wipe

Sanispray® is a concentrated, all-purpose spray & wipe, formulated with user-friendly and food-safe biocide to deliver superior sanitising properties. Sanispray is boosted with pure Australian eucalyptus oil to give extra anti-bacterial protection and a fresh natural scent.

Mountain Hand

Mountain Hand Soaps & Cleaners

There’s a Mountain hand cleanser for every requirement in the commercial sector and in care facilities, where good hygiene and sanitation are paramount.

Mountain Air

Mountain AIR Fresheners

Mountain AIR Fresheners is a range of high performance anti-bacterial air fresheners and odour blockers, with lasting odour control and disinfecting properties and a wide choice of fragrances, including natural Australian natives.


DeodorClean Cleaner Deodorisers

DeodorClean heavy-duty deodorising cleaners provide a 4-in-1 cleaning solution for hard surface cleaning, where odour control is paramount. In just one application, DeodorClean cleans, eliminates odours, sanitises and disinfects. DeodorClean is versatile and can be used as a long-lasting air freshener too.


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