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Total is an organic acid, citrus boosted, total bathroom cleaner and sanitiser. It effectively cleans the whole washroom without the heady fumes often associated with other strong bathroom cleaners. Total is suitable for all washroom surfaces, including floors and mirrors.

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Complete SaniSpa

Complete SaniSpa cleans and sanitises spa baths, hydrotherapy pools and whirlpool baths. Its active formula kills bacteria and tackles biofilm build up inside the pipes and lines and on surfaces, leaving spa baths hygienically clean.



PeroxyClean® is a general purpose oxy-action cleaner sanitiser. PeroxyClean is a chlorine-free, oxygen-based, safe, cleaning, sanitising and bleaching formula, which cuts through dirt and grease, killing germs, breaking down protein deposits and eliminating odours at source.


Microclean® Disinfectants

Microclean® Disinfectant Cleaners have been specially developed for the heavy-duty requirements of commercial enterprises and institutions. Microclean Disinfectants clean away dirt and grime and disinfect, to effectively kill bacteria, disease-causing germs,and mould on all hard surfaces, including floors. Surfaces are left hygienically clean.

Urinal Cleaners

Urinal & Toilet Bowl Cleaner – Sweetpea and Original

Mountain’s urinal and toilet cleaners are everything you need for easy-care daily maintenance and remediation of your facilities. Our special formulations clean and sanitise, dissolving uric acid deposits that are the cause of persistent and unpleasant odours around urinals and portable toilets.

Flash Toilet Cleaner from Mountain Cleaning Products

Flash Toilet Cleaner

Flash Toilet Cleaner is all you need for easy-care daily maintenance and remediation of your toilets and washroom facilities. Its thickened pinefresh formula maximises contact time around the toilet bowl, ensuring a super clean and fresh result with minimum manual effort.


Tydie Descaler & Rust Remover

Tydie contains a combination of acids and surfactants for the remediation of amenities and removal of built-up scale (calcification), and rust stains.

Rip Off

Rip Off

Rip Off uses a combination of acids designed to remove the heaviest calcium build up created in hard water areas.

Wonderflush Tabs

Wonderflush Urinal Tabs

Wonderflush Urinal Tabs are slow release peroxide-based tabs that activate when water is released into the trough, using Active Oxygen to neutralise the uric acid bacteria in urinals, tackling odours throughout the day.


Chlorfoam® Cleaning Sanitiser Degreaser

Chlorfoam® is a heavy-duty chlorinated cleaner and sanitising agent with a double action formula that breaks down dirt, fat, grime and proteins and kills residual bacteria and mould.

Porta Potti

Porta Potti

Porta Potti is for managing waste in portable toilets. Porta Potti has a combination of strong sanitisers and emulsifiers that break down solid waste and control bacteria and odours in the holding tanks of portable toilets. Fragranced with native Eucalyptus oil.


213 Foaming Cleaner Degreaser

213 Foaming Cleanser is a unique high performance non-caustic foaming cleaner degreaser that is worker safe, food-safe and fully biodegradable. 213 is highly concentrated, citrus-boosted and can be applied to any hard surface to remove grime and grease – efficiently and safely.


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