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Kombi cleaners

Kombi Kleen and Kombi Rinse

Kombi Kleen and Kombi Rinse – a heavy-duty combination steam oven cleaner and a specially formulated acid based rinse, for an overall clean finish. Kombi Kleen and Kombi Rinse are cost-effective and high performance alternatives to combi oven manufacturers’ own chemical cleaners.

Mountain Hand

Mountain Hand Soaps & Cleaners

There’s a Mountain hand cleanser for every requirement in the commercial sector and in care facilities, where good hygiene and sanitation are paramount.

Waterless Hand Sanitiser 70%

Mountain Waterless Hand Sanitiser

Waterless Hand Sanitiser is a food-prep grade hand sanitiser. It delivers clean, sanitised hands, fast and is ideal for hand cleaning and hygiene around food and care areas, as general protection from disease causing germs and hand sanitisation away from wet areas.


HDC Cleaner Degreaser

HDC is Mountain’s strongest heavy-duty cleaner (HDC) degreaser. HDC is a penetrative, emulsifying caustic product that provides a superior clean and easily removes heavy grease deposits.



Certify is a heavy-duty cleaner degreaser. Its penetrating, emulsifying caustic formula provides a superior clean and easily removes heavy grease deposits.


Lightning Cleaner Degreaser

Lightning is a high performance non-caustic foaming cleaner degreaser that is worker safe, food-safe and fully biodegradable. Its foaming formula is suitable for all round cleaning and degreasing.

Wipe Off

Wipe Off Sanitising Cleaner Degreaser

Wipe Off is a non-caustic, multi purpose non-foaming degreaser which cleans and sanitises. Its formula is citrus boosted with a natural degreasing agent, which cuts through greasy deposits. It can be used for hard surface cleaning, including as a spray & wipe. Wipe Off is colourless, free-rinsing and has a fresh citrus fragrance.

Quat Sanitising Cleaner

Quat Sanitiser Cleaner

Quat Sanitiser Cleaner provides Food-Safe Approved sanitisation and cleaning. Quat Sanitiser Cleaner has been specially designed for cleaning and sanitising food processing and manufacturing equipment and machinery.

Quat Sanitising Spray

Quat Sanitising Spray

Quat Sanitising Spray is a quick-drying, ethanol based spray-on sanitiser, specially formulated for sanitising food preparation equipment. Spray-on application enables treatment of hard-to-reach and recessed areas of equipment.


SaniSafe No Rinse Quat Sanitiser

No-Rinse Quat Sanitiser is a food safe solution for sanitising previously cleaned equipment, utensils and surfaces, with no rinsing required.

All Clear

All Clear Beer & Wine Glass Cleaner

All Clear Beer & Wine Glass Cleaner is a versatile cleaner for use in all glass washing machines as well as the manual washing of beer and other bar glasses.


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