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PeroxyClean® is a general purpose oxy-action cleaner sanitiser. PeroxyClean is a chlorine-free, oxygen-based, safe, cleaning, sanitising and bleaching formula, which cuts through dirt and grease, killing germs, breaking down protein deposits and eliminating odours at source.


Chlorfoam® Cleaning Sanitiser Degreaser

Chlorfoam® is a heavy-duty chlorinated cleaner and sanitising agent with a double action formula that breaks down dirt, fat, grime and proteins and kills residual bacteria and mould.


213 Foaming Cleaner Degreaser

213 Foaming Cleanser is a unique high performance non-caustic foaming cleaner degreaser that is worker safe, food-safe and fully biodegradable. 213 is highly concentrated, citrus-boosted and can be applied to any hard surface to remove grime and grease – efficiently and safely.


Sanispray® Spray & Wipe

Sanispray® is a concentrated, all-purpose spray & wipe, formulated with user-friendly and food-safe biocide to deliver superior sanitising properties. Sanispray is boosted with pure Australian eucalyptus oil to give extra anti-bacterial protection and a fresh natural scent.

Crystal Dishwasher

Crystal Dishwasher Liquid

Crystal Dishwasher Liquid is a high performance and economical dishwasher liquid for high-use automatic commercial machines with dispenser systems.

PureClean Stain Remover Powder

Crystal Dishwasher Powder

Crystal Dishwasher Powder is an advanced high performance, economical and septic-safe dishwasher powder designed to give optimum results in both commercial and domestic dishwashing machines.

Crystal Rinse Aid

Crystal Rinse Aid

Crystal Rinse Aid tackles, water spots and residues, delivering streak and spot free glasses and dishes for a superior shine.

Crystal Descalers

Crystal Descalers

Crystal Descalers remove scale and residue build-up in the dishwasher and other hot water appliances.

Mountain Magic

Mountain Magic Detergents

Mountain Magic Detergents are specifically designed for hand dishwashing in the fast-paced hospitality environment; as well as in institutions and the leisure stay sector. They are efficient, economical and come in a range of solid concentrations to cover every need.

Grill Master


Grillmaster is an ultra heavy-duty, aggressive oven and grill cleaner and degreaser that is also suitable for hotplates, barbecues and oven racks. Grillmaster is the strongest oven and grill cleaner available.

Grilla Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner from Mountain Cleaning Products


Grilla is an ultra heavy-duty, aggressive oven and grill cleaner and degreaser that is also suitable for hotplates, barbecues and oven racks. Grilla is one of the strongest oven and grill cleaners available on the market today.

Oven & Hotplate

Oven & Hotplate Cleaner

Mountain’s Oven & Hotplate Cleaner is a heavy-duty cleaner degreaser for ovens, hotplates and barbecues. It has super grease-cutting power to remove heavy baked-on grease and grime.


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