Industrial, Workshop & Outdoor Maintenance



HypoClean is a non-caustic, chlorine-based cleaner suitable for removing grime, cobwebs and mould from large outdoor structures and surfaces.



PeroxyClean® is a general purpose oxy-action cleaner sanitiser. PeroxyClean is a chlorine-free, oxygen-based, safe, cleaning, sanitising and bleaching formula, which cuts through dirt and grease, killing germs, breaking down protein deposits and eliminating odours at source.


Omniwash Heavy Duty Truck & Vehicle Wash

Omniwash is a powerful foaming detergent degreaser that works fast to clean away the grime, oil and pollutants that can damage vehicle paintwork and trim, whilst remaining kind to paintwork. Omniwash handles the heaviest grime on all vehicles from classic cars to plant machinery.


213 Foaming Cleaner Degreaser

213 Foaming Cleanser is a unique high performance non-caustic foaming cleaner degreaser that is worker safe, food-safe and fully biodegradable. 213 is highly concentrated, citrus-boosted and can be applied to any hard surface to remove grime and grease – efficiently and safely.

Alloy Metal Supa Dip cleaning powder from Mountain Cleaning Products

Alloy Metal Supa-Dip

For degreasing alloy metals. A heavy-duty, non-caustic, degreasing powder for quick and easy removal of heavy grease deposits, oil, carbon and paint, from alloy metals. For use in dipping tanks. Contains corrosion inhibitors.

Oven & Hotplate

Oven & Hotplate Cleaner

Mountain’s Oven & Hotplate Cleaner is a heavy-duty cleaner degreaser for ovens, hotplates and barbecues. It has super grease-cutting power to remove heavy baked-on grease and grime.

Apple Industrial Hand

Apple Industrial Hand Cleanser with Beads

Apple Industrial Hand Gel is an industrial strength, triple action hand cleaner formulated to remove stubborn dirt, grease and grime from working hands with ease.


HDC Cleaner Degreaser

HDC is Mountain’s strongest heavy-duty cleaner (HDC) degreaser. HDC is a penetrative, emulsifying caustic product that provides a superior clean and easily removes heavy grease deposits.



Certify is a heavy-duty cleaner degreaser. Its penetrating, emulsifying caustic formula provides a superior clean and easily removes heavy grease deposits.

Power Peroxide

Power Peroxide

Power Peroxide is an oxygen-based bleach, safe both for colours and whites and for all temperature washes and is part of Mountain’s commercial laundry range that caters for a wide spectrum of commercial, institutional and industrial soils.

Graffiti Remover

Graffiti Remover

Graffiti Remover is a fast acting, caustic-based blend of sodium hydroxide and surfactants in a solvent base. Graffiti Remover’s special formula penetrates spray paint and other graffiti materials, enabling easy rinse-away.


De-Tar Tar & Gum Remover

De-Tar is a natural, highly penetrating citrus-based tar dissolver and gum remover, with a quick rinse additive. For removing sticky substances including tar, gum and sticky labels from hard surfaces, including paintwork.


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