About Mountain


Mountain Cleaning Products was founded in 1996, in Lismore by an entrepreneur with a passion for local manufacturing. Mountain now produces over 100 superior performance cleaning chemicals, all made at its manufacturing facility in the Northern Rivers. And it’s from here that Mountain supplies its distributors, wholesalers and end customers across NSW, QLD and VIC.

In 2011, Mountain was bought by Becky and Huw Jones, who moved up to the North Coast from Sydney with their young family looking for their own dream business to throw all their energy into and to grow.

Mountain has expanded since 2011 with new distribution partners in Newcastle, Kiama and Melbourne and 3 new product ranges:

    • The SimplyClean Professional range of environmentally responsible cleaning products for commercial use
    • The Lemon Myrtle Range of cleaning products for commercial use. Bringing a fresh new, natural fragrance to the commercial cleaning sector, and
    • simplyclean, a toxin- and sensitiser-free range of earth safe cleaning products for home, incorporating locally produced lemon myrtle oil.

“With the innovations in today’s chemical industry, greener and safer products CAN come with the same or improved cleaning performance. It’s a matter of investing in getting the formula right”, says Becky.Mountain’s guiding principal is development of the purest, highest performance cleaning products that conquer the task at hand.

Mountain actively manages its products as part of a continuous improvement programme… to deliver more biodegradable, environmentally responsible, worker-safe and user-safe cleaning solutions for all customers, aiming to stay ahead of the market in the commercial cleaning sector.

“Cleaning without compromise! We only manufacture products that conquer the cleaning task at hand”.Mountain is dedicated to servicing its distributors, wholesalers and end users. If there’s anything we can help with, just contact us.


Our core team

Mountain is a small but growing family company. Huw, director and owner, has an engineering and business background and spent the last 5 years of his corporate career in environmental technology. Huw is passionate about his own business. He spends much of his time with customers, and working on ways to support them.

Becky has a chemistry and business background and has a passion for product development and quality. She spends time on process improvements and new products, with support of Mountain’s expert chemist.

Clare is in charge of our customer service and administration and is a friendly and knowledgable face to Mountain. Clare knows everything about almost everything that happens at Mountain, so is an ideal point of call, especially for distributors and end users.

Chris (who is married to Clare) is in charge of manufacturing and warehousing, and is our on-site technical expert. Chris is hands-on with continuous product improvement and works closely with Becky and Mountain’s expert chemist in producing new products. Chris focuses on improvements in manufacturing and in the warehouse, as well as managing the day-to-day activities.

In support

Chris is helped in the factory by a small team of locals. Out in the field we have support staff providing resource to many of our VIC distributors and their commercial customers, plus a small team in QLD.

Local matters

Being local matters to Mountain and, as a growing Australian manufacturer, we make effort to benefit the local economy and community in a sustainable way, through local employment and utilising local goods and services. Specialist raw materials, such as essential oils, are sourced as locally as possible…our lemon myrtle oil from Australian Rainforest Product‘s plantation just 20km into the hills. Display cabinets for our retailers are handmade from recycled local timbers, by Russell and Meagan of Bare Nature in Alstonville. These are just some of the ways we take part in the local economy.

How To Find Us

Contact details

7/7 Snow St
South Lismore
NSW 2480

T: 02 6622 8733
F: 02 6622 8744